Resuthane™ - Polyurethane systems

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Polyurethane resin screed systems provide excellent heavy duty usage with resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack in aggressive industrial environments.


RSL's market leading product, Resuthane™ is one of the best polyurethane screed systems available. This leading product has been in use for over 10 years and comes with a 10 year guarantee so you can rely on Resuthane™ to deliver an unbeatable flooring solution. The Resuthane™ series from RSL includes a wide range of polyurethane screed systems available in different grades and suitable for different environments and application methods.


If you require a hygienic floor Resuthane™ is the ideal product for your food / healthcare environment.  As RSL's leading hygienic Resuthane™ provides customers with a hygienic easy to clean and maintain flooring solution whilst also offering other benefits including resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack. 


Furthermore Resuthane™ is ideal for use where hygiene is important especially within the Food sector as all Resuthane™ products have been independently certified by Campden BRI as non - taint products.


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