R.S. Oil Tolerant Primer

R.S. Oil Tolerant Primer is a two-component epoxy resin membrane that is tolerant of residual oil contamination in concrete floors. R.S. Oil Tolerant Primer will protect the floor by ensuring that the oil contaminates will not come through and affect top finishes.

It is essential that all surface and gross contamination is removed by cleaning with R.S. Oil pre-treatment and R.S. industrial floor cleaner.


Product Benefits:


  • Enables resin finishes etc. to be applied onto concrete that has previously been contaminated with engineering oils
  • Easily applied by brush, roller or trowel edge
  • Can be applied onto substrates with hygrometer readings up to 85% RH
  • Completely solvent free and low odour

Where to use:

R.S. Oil Tolerant Primer can be used on concrete floors and fine concrete screeds, of not less than 50mm thick in the case of unbonded screeds. The surface must be of sufficient quality, continuity and mechanical strength to ensure an even coating.

R.S. Oil Tolerant Primer can also be applied to polymers, screeds and certain types of smoothing underlayment. Such underlayment's must be stable to the effects of water, if not the concrete floor must contain an integral damp-proof membrane to prevent further ingress of water from the ground.

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