R.S. Dampshield

R.S. Dampshield is a two-component epoxy resin membrane that is tolerant of residual moisture in concrete floors. This enables earlier application of screeds, coatings and other floor coverings including carpets, tiles, vinyl and wood.

Product Benefits:

  • Enables resin coatings to be applied onto new concrete much sooner than the normal time required for concrete to dry
  • Easily applied by brush, roller or trowel edge
  • Can be applied onto substrates with hygrometer readings up to 97% RH
  • Completely solvent free and low odour
  • In ambient conditions over-coat times of 8 hours

Where to use:

R.S. Dampshield can be used on concrete floors and fine concrete screeds, of not less than 50mm thick in the case of un-bonded screeds. The surface must be of sufficient quality, continuity and mechanical strength to ensure an even coating.

R.S. Dampshield may also be applied to polymer screeds and certain types of smoothing underlayment's; provided these are well bonded. Such underlayment must be stable to the effects of water. If not the concrete floor must contain an integral damp-proof membrane to prevent further ingress of water from the ground.

When laid onto a concrete surface where there is no damp proof membrane (DPM) or where damage may have rendered the DPM ineffective, due consideration must be given to the possible presence of hydrostatic pressure, and the consequences of creating a barrier layer resulting in the pressure/water flow being directed elsewhere.

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