Resuprime is a two-pack solvent-free epoxy resin bonding and priming coat, designed for easy application, with good surface wetting properties. It will bond thin section resin based screeds and toppings to cementitious and other surfaces.

Resuprime provides excellent adhesion both as a tack coat and primer. Where surfaces are very porous, a coat of Resuprime may be required as a pre-primer coat before a second coat is applied as a tack coat.

For application onto new concrete, or where the RH level is likely to be above 75%, R.S. Dampshield should be applied.


Product Benefits:

  • Versatile for many types of application
  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Easy to apply
  • No unpleasant or harmful odours

Where to use:

Resuprime is widely used as a tack coat for both epoxy and polyurethane resin based screeds, including: Resucrete, Resuscreed 43, Resuscreed Quartz and Resuthane.


Resuprime is also suitable for priming self-smoothing epoxy resin finishes such as Resuflor and resin based concrete repair products such as Resupatch. Resuprime can also be used as a primer for high build epoxy resin coatings such as Resutop and Resucoat H.B.

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