Resupen WB Clear

Resupen WB Clear is a water based two pack gloss coating with a clear finish. It is designed for application onto epoxy resin based screeds to reduce surface absorbency and ensure ease of cleaning in hygienic locations.

Resupen WB Clear is also designed for application onto walls as a clear, durable seal coating.

A clear water based coating for sealing porous surfaces and providing a more cleanable protective coating.

Product Benefits:

  • Impact and abrasive resistance
  • Available in semi-gloss and matt grades
  • Resistant to hot water
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Durable

Where To Use:

Resupen WB Clear can be applied as a hard wearing, clear seal for both polyurethane and epoxy resin coatings as well as a sealer for substrates such as plaster and concrete. You can also use it on wall finishes. Resupen WB Clear can be used with Resuflor, Decora MS, Decora BC, Resuflake, Terrain and R.S. Terrazzo.

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