Resudeck is a two-pack, high build, hard wearing polyurethane floor coating which forms a tough and durable finish with resistance to light-medium chemical attack it can also be used in wet environments.

Resudeck is resistant to hot water and can be steam cleaned.

By incorporation of suitable aggregates, anti-slip finishes with a range of thicknesses and textures can be created.

Resudeck is a solvent-free coating with a 100% solids content, which cures to a gloss finish.


Product Benefits:

  • Low odour.
  • Dries overnight at ambient temperature to receive foot traffic after 24 hrs.
  • Slip resistant finishes achievable
  • Excellent resistance to most fuels and lubricants.
  • Available in a range of attractive colours.

Where to use:

Resudeck is designed for application in heavy duty industrial areas such as:

  • food units
  • bakeries
  • basement car parks
  • plant rooms
  • vehicle decks

Resudeck can be applied onto concrete, wood and asphalt etc. Metal surfaces may also be treated, in conjunction with a compatible, zinc based metal primer - Resuprime ZP.

It also has excellent adhesion to both asphalt and bituminous surfaces, without requiring a primer.

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