RSL offers a comprehensive range of proven resin surface products in Europe and our technical team of industrial chemists are constantly working to develop even more formulas to create the ideal flooring environments for your project.

We have been developing our product range for over three decades and are proud to say that once we know a formula works we stick with it.

Our market leading product Resuthane™ has been produced with the same formula for over 15 years and has one of the finest long-standing guarantees within the resin industry.

We provide a full specification service to assist you in ensuring you are purchasing the correct product for your project. Whether you require a slip resistant, hard wearing, chemical resistant or decorative finish RSL has the right resin for your bespoke requirements.

Anti-Static Flooring Systems

Anti-static floor systems are used in projects where an electrical conductivity resisitance

Cleaning Products

RSL Cleaning Solutions is a comprehensive range of floor care products that combine outstanding..

Decorative & Commercial Flooring

RSL offer a range of decorative products for projects which require something special and that


Elladur is a game-changing new product range from flooring technology experts Resin Surfaces.

Epoxy Resin Floor Coatings

Epoxy resin floor coatings provide hard wearing surfaces...

Epoxy Resin Floor Screeds & Self Smoothing Finishes

Epoxy resin screeds and self-smoothers are hard wearing resin systems which can provide propertie

External Range

Resin bound and resin bonded system can produce some unique and effective ways to provide an alte

Maintenance Products

RSL also produce a proven range of Maintenance products to repair existing

Polyurethane Floor Coatings

Polyurethane coatings provide hard wearing seamless finishes.

Polyurethane Floor Screeds & Self Smoothing Finishes

The Resuthane™ range are water based low VOC systems for the food and drinks industry.


Surface preparation is essential before applying any flooring system,

Wall Coatings

RSL manufacture a range of wall coatings suitable for different environments and needs.