Resucoat™ HB -Weighty Job For RSL From War Museum

The project was part of a wider £840,000 renovation of an on-site hangar that's home to the largest collection of US historic military aircraft in Europe.


The Museum required a durable flooring solution which was resistant to possible weight damage from the aircraft, able to withstand heavy footfall from visitors and was easy to clean. It was also essential that it was resistant to engineering lubricants, such as Skydrol and Hyjet. Resuseal WB, Resucoat™ HB and Resutile all in Stirling were specified to meet these requirements.


Resuseal WB epoxy resin – a two-part, water-based, durable resin floor coating – was installed as the first layer. It provides a durable, seamless finish and offers the additional benefit of having a curing membrane, which increased the hardness of the supporting concrete by enabling full hydration of cement.

A covering layer of heavy duty Resucoat HB coating was then applied. This high build epoxy resin coating was specified for its durability, resistance to oil and tough cleanable finish.

And to achieve the most chemical resistant and UV stable finish, Resutile was applied as the final coating, meeting the Museum's requirements for a resilient semi-gloss finish.


This high grade, hard wearing floor coating provides maximum resistance to chemicals, impact abrasion and heavy traffic, whilst maintaining light-fast and flexible properties.

Previous aviation applications for RSL include a 28,000m2 project for British Airways at Heathrow and a 31,500m2 job for Ameco (Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corporation) in Beijing.

Martin Wroe, Commercial Director at RSL, said: "This has been a very interesting project at an established centre of aviation history. We have a great deal of experience in delivering flooring to meet needs of the aviation sector. The solution provides all the necessary durability, resilience and aesthetic appeal."