RS Terrazzo- Hope Hospital

RSL (Resin Surfaces Limited) worked in conjunction with main contractor Balfour Beatty producing over 2000sqm of their decorative floor finish RS Terrazzo.

The significant local project built by Balfour Beatty is a brand new treatment facility for the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

The trust has invested 200 million to improve the facilities and environment for patients, visitors and staff at Salford Royal.

The purpose-built new site in Salford, Manchester had a strict brief which needed to be adhered to.




RSL was approached to specify an appropriate flooring system, which needed to deliver some distinctive properties, such as durability, withg a seamless, hygienic and attractive finish in order to fit in with the aesthetics, design and function of the building.

RSL specified RS Terrazzo; a heavy duty, decorative terrazzo effect floor which is produced from marble aggregates combined with an epoxy resin system to produce a seamless floor. The specific brief of this project resulted in RSLaltering the formula to produce a bespoke product. This was done by formulating a new aggregate blend, introducing white, grey and black marble along with granite aggregates. They also incorporated an unusual reflective mirrored glass giving the end product an unusual and added effect.


As this was a new build project the contractor needed to prepare the subfloor in order to provide a mechanical key for the system to adhere to. The surface was then primed using R.S. Dampshield, a liquid damp proof membrane that allows further surface finishes to be applied to new concrete by suppressing any moisture which is contained within the substrate. RS Terrazzo was laid at 10 mm and the ground down to 8mm as this exposes the aggregates which are within the resin matrix. The surface was then sealed and given a contemporary Matt finish using Resupen WB Matt Clear.


R.S.Terrazzo was applied in the main atrium along with other ancillary areas which are to be used as treatment rooms, this meant that a high level of hygiene and cleanliness must be maintained. R.S. Terrazzo assists an intensive cleaning regime as it is a totally seamless and provides a hygienic and sealed surface which results in fewer places for bacteria and infection to gather.


The end result was a modern and decorative flooring solution which fits the high end design and specification which is in keeping with this flagship NHS facility.